Not doing too badly keeping up with this! So much easier to use photos. 

Before hair and thennnnn...

Cut the hair. Chopped it. It's gone. I miss it. Remorse like crazy. Can't say never again, but can't iterate the patience process more. And its the first time I can ever remember having it so short. 

Also, I love Snapchat filters. Follow me - ashtagswaggg. 

And I do greatly miss the boy and his dog. 

So Courtney's Birthday Shindog! We did SO MUCH. Abbey flew in Thursday night, we had acting class. Friday we went cliff jumping which I talk about later. I ALSO got to go to this Artscape fest thing with performances, street art and artists. There was also a giant dance battle. Awesome. 


The gym though. Always the gym. 

Cliff jumping. And we did silly things like forgot we were hiking and legit hiked in flip flops. But once they made me jump in the water it was fine. 

Then we went to Costco and saw Bearington's brothers. Hilarious. 

Got to go to this rad 80s party for one of our acting classmates. It's fantastic when people are spirited and dress up. Fav new photo! 

Travis came to visit! Got to hang out on the beach, and somehow he didnt make the original photo so Courtney added him. Hilarity. 

And here's the photo before he left Monday morning. :(

Last day of the celebration, I finally got to meet a Minion. And go to Minion world. HEAVEN.



And see Harry Potter land/world/thing. 


And we stayed to see the light show at Universal. It was mad wicked cool! Also, all the rides are 3D. Also also, the BTS tour is SUPER COOL. Do it! 

Acting class has been cool. Learning so much about scene study. Hanging with some very talented and passionate artists. I've put a bunch of scenes on the books. What may not challenge some people for acting terrifies me. I like sticking to directing and cinematography. Learning so much about acting though! I don't have photos of that, sorry. 

And for now, just got back from a mix down session with Henry for Secrets That We Keep. Aiming to hit the Sundance deadline and man, is it exciting. So many scenes sound so great. I can't WAIT to hear everything all together now. 

Okay. Although the clock says 1149pm on a Friday night, I'm sleeeepy. Goodnight from Bear and I!