Update on life. 

Since last year:

1.)  I've moved to North Hollywood, CA, as of less than two months ago......It's rough. 


2.) Made a feature film. It's in post production audio, but getting there!

3.) Created this snazzy daily video blog, From HoCo to NoHo, to document moments of each day in 2017. Day 62 was yesterday. 

4.) Created a Youtube Channel, CA in LA. Everything will be streamlined there. 

5.) Brother is deployed to Iraq for a couple months. That's scary. 

6.) Boyfriend is moving to California. This is a very good thing :) 

7.) My faith life has never been stronger. 

8.) Applied to over 400 jobs in the last 4 weeks. The struggle is REAL. 

9.) Extremely grateful for all the opportunities I see and don't see.

10.) I'm reading the Bible from start to finish. It feels rad.

11.) Working on so many different screenplays and concepts.

12.) Filming on an AMIRA next week. #scaredbutexcited

13.) Court and I have quarter sleeves. 

14.) Court and I went to France & Italy last year....

15.) ....and won some pretty cool awards at Cannes last year. 

So much more to catch you up on over time, but man, I might just blog in lists. This is rad.

I'll make an effort to update this way way more often. :)