Canada, Eh?

So, back in August, my best friend and I decided to go to Canada instead of Ocean City, Md. for our annual summer trip. Impulsive right? I think so. 

We left at 4:30am on a Friday morning, right after a double shift at work. Yay, restaurant life! 

We got to Williamsport, PA just around sunrise over this incredible lake. Gorgeous. Can't wait to explore Williamsport on another trip with Holli :D :D :D

So, we keep driving, finally hit Niagara Falls, Canada edition. I was SUPER pumped because this was the first time I got to use my Passport, and I fully expected to get a stamp and everything, but NAH, that doesn't happen. They just interrogate you (and charge a toll). 

ANYWHO, exhausted, we checked into our hotel room and headed to grab some local food. We ended up at Kelsey's. Great Buffalo Chicken sandwiches, pretty terrible drinks. 

We decided to hit up the Falls after this. I was gonna stop at the Guinness Book of World Records Museum, but it seemed pretty touristy. 

Incredible view, right? Of course Maid of the Mist had to be a thing. We got in line, found out the American dollar is about $.20 more than the Canadian dollar, and got our exciting red ponchos. 

We are some cool kids, duh. Nah, but it was legit gorgeous. GORGEOUS. 

Like, how can you see sights like this and not believe in God? Come on. His Creation is just, awesome. 

After we headed back to the hotel, I broke my flip flops, so those were done for the trip. RIP Old Navy Flip Flops that were apart of my life for the last four years. We then shut the black out curtains and proceeded to sleep from 5pm to 1am. And you know it, all we missed was the Falls lit up. Okay, I wish I would have seen that. But, sleep was more important. 

Upon waking up, Courtney and I ordered crappy/expensive food to be delivered to our room. Mistake. We also watched a show about actors who were "overnight sensations." Twenty year Overnight sensations. Yes Yes.

We woke up and went in search of the promised Calvin Klein outlet for more mundees (men's boxer briefs, heaven, favorite clothes ever). 

Super bright eyed and bushy tailed right? It wouldn't last long. We drove to said outlets, there was no Klein...BUT there was this store called Urban Planet. FLANNELS EVERYWHERE. We didn't do too much damage....Yeah. 

So we proceeded to drive without cell service/reception, without a map, without a GPS, you're understanding. Because as we drove towards Toronto road signs, we did see the Klein store, along with a massive Forever 21....but we weren't sure we could navigate back onto the road. 

Long story short, this is the stretch of time I figured out I didn't remember how to convert miles to kilometers, nor miles to meters, yup. You can see how this was a problem. I had these rough directions to the Beach in Toronto, which we didn't successfully make it to because I took a wrong exit. Courtney decided to turn her data on, thank God and we realized we were a very far way away from our hotel. AND THERE WAS TRAFFIC EVERYWHERE. Duh, of course the time we are in Toronto, there are a billion things happening everywhere. This is basically what the scene looked like. 

Finally headed in the right direction, we got stuck in yet more traffic. We just jammed out. Got to the hotel, after another hour, and saw this outside. Good day. :) 

Our game plan upon reaching the hotel is to get a ton of snacks from the vending machines in the hotel - because every hotel has vending machines. This was half true. Which also made it half false. There was a soda vending machine. So our collective ten dollars in change was useless - but then in retrospect, would the machine have accepted our American coins? The questions I am left with. 

After all day of not eating, met up with my awesome Filipino family. My Tita Nina was so amazing and picked Court and I up, and chauffeured us around everywhere - INCREDIBLE. We went to dinner and got Chinese, and Dim Sum, and just so much yes. I found out about how I’m loosely related to Ronnie del Carmen, director of Inside Out. Movie making in the blood! :) 

Tita Nina then drove us around Toronto, and showed us all these nifty parts.  There’s a place in Toronto thats built similar to Times Square, to the fact that some productions film there to mimic Times Square because its way cheaper. 

Oh, and Toronto always has stuff happening everywhere. Like, really cool and unique festivals with tons of food and awesome music and art stuff. You could drive five minutes and be completely lost in an awesome experience. I felt so much more than a tourist there. 


Famous stuff was filmed here and stuff. Robocop maybe? Let's go with that. 

We also stopped and got the most amazing crepes ever at this rad place near Chinatown, or Greek town? Something like that. BUT SO GOOD. 

Sunday. We hit up a brunch place, Pickle Bar, or something like that. I got this rad lobster grilled cheese AND banana pancakes. Fatty on deck. I also learned no where serves alcohol before 11am. WHATTTTT IS LIFE. I survived. Somehow. 

We got to go to the Blue Jays game. I had no idea how well they were doing in the league - really good in case you were wondering. We got there in time for the jersey giveaway, had really rad seats with a terrific view. Learned that Canadians have way more pride for their anthem than we have for ours. They were all up, cheering and singing their anthem. Not ever a sight I’ve seen at an Orioles game. The game ended up being super rad, and they won, YAY! 

After this epic game, we went to the Bluffs. GORGEOUS. Like really incredible. 

Starving, we ended up at the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner, super yummy. 

Drove into the city, sight saw, got lost a bit, and ended up grabbing some fantastic Chinese cheesecake. People really love that place. We had to stand in line for like an hour. But, worth it. 

With that, we jumped back into our car, and proceeded to drive 8 and a half hours back to Baltimore’s exquisite Pier 5 Garage so we could sleep for an hour before work at 10am. Gross. There were definite moments that both of us were asleep while the car was moving, BUT, thats not the important part. We made it back safe and sound! :)

And that, my friends, is the experience we had over a spontaneous weekend trip to Canada. :)

We also filmed this epic documentary, Extravaganzas in Canadanzas, about the whole trip, if you'd like to watch that as well! 

Thanks for checking this out, and can't wait to have another epic trip to talk about :)