October Recap!

October has been one hell of a busy month! Let's start talking about it. 

October 2-5, I filmed this lovely short for the Colchester 60 Hour Film Festival. It's called, Teaser. Our awesome cast and crew stood in the freezing cold in a parking garage at Towson University in the middle of the night to get the short shot, while I stood in a gorilla suit. Such a true story. 

We got to work with a new actor, Corey Melton. Bro was so incredible, he left us a bottle of Jack Daniels. Can't wait to work with him again so so soon. AND, we didn't end up placing in the festival.  Always next time. 

Went into the studio to record a couple songs. Mmhmm. 

Wrapped up working at Phillips. Well, we have one more weekend open on the Deck, but my summer job is just about over. Kinda bittersweet sad. 

FINALLY fit into this dress that I've used as my fitness motivation for the last two years. SUCH A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT.

Toured my brother's place of work. It's such a gem in Howard County. 

Performed formally for the first time at Phillips! It was rough at times, but thank God for Mr. Greg, coming and making us sound snazzy. We've since named ourselves Joiai Rose. Thanks Chris for snapping me myself performing! :)

May or may not have this little guy inked...somwhere. :) It had been too long without new ink. Dan, thank you again. You are incredible. 

Shot another short called "Coming Home." You'll get to see it soon, Promise! Got to work with some new faces, as well as my fav lady, Esther. Despite some major hold ups, way to rock out, fam. 

In November, I'll be screening in Toronto. RAW has been an amazing experience, and I will def be doing it again this year coming up. Here's that awesome poster for Toronto. 

Releasing a new logo for Miss Ash Productions. I'll premiere it in November. But know, I've been working hard at it. And know, it includes Bearington. :D 

Okay, and last big news of the month. We filmed this short, Normalcy

Big thanks to Esther for pulling through on the therapist role, Bob and Gabby, for helping bring this to life, and of course, Courtney, for stepping behind the camera so I could switch to the front of the camera. Thank you to Holli for hearing draft after draft of the script. Thank you to everyone for helping make this a reality. 

Normalcy is extra close to my heart because I've been struggling with depression the last couple weeks especially. This short was an extremely therapeutic release for me. 

Today, it’s easier and more acceptable to talk about broken bones and physical illness than broken hearts and mental illness. In the short film, Normalcy, we attempt to address the reality of depression in someone’s life. With frank discussion around what living with depression feels like, Normalcy takes a hands on look at a conversation in a therapist office with a struggling young woman trying to understand herself. With subject matter and dialogue being very realistic, viewers discretion is advised. 

Mental health awareness is extremely important. Films such as Normalcy offer insight for those who do not suffer from depression, as well as offer support to those who struggle with depression to know they are not alone in experiencing these thoughts. I believe the more people we reach with short films like this, the closer we come to erasing the stigma associated with mental health. 

Thanks for reading. Hope you have an incredible Halloween and rest of October. 

See you soon :)